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The only he seeks is for a reason to live

And yet, he finds none.

♠ Elliot Elhealer ♠
19 February
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"I used to love a woman that is not longer here. I used to live a normal life. Sadly, that is gone forever."→ Elliot

Born in the Kingdom of Fynn, Elliot always wanted to have a normal life. He had a normal family, and the best friends he could ever have dreamed. Firion, Maria, Leon and Guy. He was bad with ladies, so he quickly became really good friends with Firion, always playing around.

But Elliot had a special ability. His magic appeared at a very young age. And for that, when there was the oportunity for him to improve his skills, he was sent to the military of that kingdom to become a really good mage. He stuided hard for a lot of years, keeping writting letters to his friend about the things they always did.

And then, Elliot met Elizabeth. A pretty lady who later became his wife, and the future child who would be named Eve in a future. However, Eliza (How he was used to call her) lived in the Empire of Palamecia and he had to move there really quickly thanks to the babe.

He promised to see Firion again in a future.

But that never happened. Once he arrived in Palamecia, The Emperor Mateus was interested in using the power of Elliot as his own. So, after three years from when they arrived, he put the young Red Mage as his assistant, a posistion that beneficiated him and his family really well.

He was a happy man. Not for too long.

One day, Mateus decided to took over everthing. And Elliot didn't like that idea. Something that wasn't very smart to doing. He never wanted that, so he went against The Emperor. And that caused him to be sent to prision that nulfilled his magic. So he ended training his physical body in an attempt to take down The Emperor.

But, he never imaginated that his wife and child were out the country in a trip that they won. And with that, Mateus destroyed the city she was in. He was alone again.

When the game starts, Elliot manages to break out from prission and the only he hears is that Fynn was attacked and there weren't any survivor. That is when the last hope he had inside him died. Full in rage, he stole the closest staff he had near and went in a rampage to kill Mateus.

Sadly, he ended arriving into Ultimania before doing that.


Since he spend a lot of time in prision, he gained more physical strenght and his magic weakned a bit, but is still good at it.

He can give a good fight, but depending on what his opponent is making him to do. To put it easy, his magic is stronger than Firion's but his physical strenght is lower than his. And he doesn't know how to use any weapons besides a staff.

Name: Elliot Elhealer
Age: 29
Blood Type: AB +
Class: Red Mage.
Eyes color: Skyblue
Hair color: Dark Blue.

As for Eliza, she was a nice lady with a warm heart. She had green eyes and she had brown hair.
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